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Technician Tips


Tech Tips

In today’s modern world, maintaining comfortable living and working environments is essential, and that’s where our top-tier HVAC technicians and plumbers come into play. These skilled professionals possess the expertise to ensure our heating, cooling, and plumbing systems function smoothly and efficiently. Whether it’s installing, repairing, or maintaining these vital systems, our team plays a crucial role in ensuring your comfort and convenience. Check out some of our plumbers and technicians’ valuable tips!
HVAC Tech Tips Of The Month From Air Tech Of Houston AC & Plumbing: #1: Check your AC breaker regularly!  If your air conditioner suddenly stops working, the first thing to inspect is the breaker box. A tripped breaker might be the culprit. If you find the AC breaker has tripped, reset it only once and observe. If it trips again, it’s a sign of a deeper issue. In such cases, it’s best to call our expert technicians for a thorough inspection and repairs. Don’t let a simple breaker issue spoil your comfort! Check out our YouTube video!   #2: Be aware of your system’s static pressure! Static pressure refers to the restriction of air flowing through your HVAC system, similar to your blood pressure. The more restricted the airflow is in your system, the more difficult it will be for your system to cool air. When your system has high static pressure, it’s like having high blood pressure.  
  #3: After a repair technician leaves your home, it can be tempting to immediately turn your thermostat down to make your home the temperature you want. To prevent overworking your system, instead gradually lower the temperature by 1 degree per hour until you reach your desired temperature.  
  #4: Ensure the Safety and efficiency of your heating system be it gas or electric, by having a licensed technician from Air Tech of Houston AC & Plumbing inspect it.  
Plumbing Tips
Plumbing Tech Tips Of The Month From Air Tech Of Houston AC & Plumbing: #1: Flushing your water heater is easier than you think and only takes about 35-45 minutes! First, turn off your water heater. Then, connect a water hose to your unit, run it to a nearby tub and open the primary valve so the water can drain from the tank into the tub. Once the tank is empty, close the valve, turn the system back on and run water through your fixtures to remove any air in the lines. #2: Get familiar with the T&P valve on your water heater! Also known as the temperature and pressure valve, electrical and gas systems are equipped with T&P valves as a safety measure. Call a professional to exercise the T&P valve at least once every year to prevent buildup.
#3: Whether your system is natural gas or electric, water heaters can typically take anywhere from 1-1.5 hours to start up. Always register your water heater with the manufacturer to verify your ownership, receive efficient service and be protected during insurance claims!
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