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Air Tech Insight: The Woodlands

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Air Tech Insight: The Woodlands

The Woodlands, Texas (and Montgomery County in general) is an area known to suffer frequent power outages in the hot weather, during storms, and especially when summer temperatures hit the triple-digits.

Some sections of The Woodlands are also tied to a grid utilizing rolling blackouts which are sometimes implemented to prevent electrical overloads.

This type of precaution can be inconvenient; however, it is not all that uncommon in the entire Greater Houston Area.

2011 brought many power outages from triple-digit weather.  2012 also saw many power outages from the multitude of trees that have fallen on power lines.

The high number of dead, dying and downed trees has been greatly due to last year’s drought.

The Houston Chronicle reported on September 13, 2012 that eight hundred trees had been cut down in The Woodlands by one of the energy companies that serve the area.  This was done because they were dead or considered hazardous.  Countless others have been cut down by other energy companies as well as state agencies and residents.

Power outages (including rolling blackouts) can be very hard on any electronics in your home, in fact, often damaging.  A/C units are no exception.  What many people don’t realize is that it is not the power going off that causes problems.  Rather, it is the sudden restoration of power, which often arrives with a power surge, which can be problematic for all electronics in your home.

Damage to an air conditioner may be a blown a capacitor or a damaged the circuit board. If you are home either when the power goes off or before it comes back on, it would be very practical to turn off your air conditioner at the thermostat until power is restored.  This may not protect you electrical belongings from all power surges; however, it will reduce the risk substantially.

Some say that their Woodlands neighborhoods are less affected by heavy usage and/or downed power lines as some are on a different electrical grid and some have their power lines buried underground.  However, others say that while some of their backyard poer lines are buried,not all the transmission lines feeding them are; so, power outages in those cases are still prevalent.

Center Point Energy gone on the record as stating that buried power lines in are very costly and most likely will not solve any problems of future outages. Some still see value in them, however, due to the protection it offers from falling trees as well as from wind.  There is some controversy.

Air Tech is involved in and dedicated to the Greater Houston and surrounding communities. We are aware of and understand the common problems and the varying problems that arise in the diverse and beautiful area where we live.

Of course there are many reasons why an air conditioning unit or system may need repair or replacing.  We also understand air conditioning at Air Tech of Houston.  Please, contact us for you A/C need regardless of how small, large, or urgent.  We will be there for you.

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