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We service all Houston and Houston metro area locations.

Please call and ask if we can accommodate you at any location in Texas.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the control of the indoor environment of a home or business to cool or to heat to a specific temperature and humidity level. We service all brands of air conditioning and heating units, both in residential and commercial.

We retrofit and/or change out existing systems as well as installations at new construction sites. Other AC services include: cleaning and replacement of evaporator coils; checking freon levels as well as adjustment; and replacement of fan motors, capacitors, thermostats, drain lines, drain pans, compressors, etc.

We are an American Standard dealer, top rated by Consumer Reports. However, we service all makes and models of air conditioning heating and ventilation products, as well as installing and maintaining wine cellars. We also offer preventative maintenance programs.


Air Tech of Houston can design and calculate the load of your home or business to custom fit any heating system that will serve your needs both in comfort, environmental control and efficiency.

We service and inspect all brands of heating units and provide services such as: replacement of heating units; cleaning and replacement of heat exchangers; cleaning and replacement of burners; replacement of vent pipe; replacement of gas line and gas valve; adjustment of gas pressure; and inspection for cracks in heat exchangers.

 Air Tech of Houston offers service and installation on all major brands of commercial and residential air conditioning, heating, and ventilation.

As energy costs continue to increase and temperatures continue to rise, you should seriously consider how we might help you reduce consumption. If your current air conditioning system or heating system is approaching ten years old then you might be able to reduce your monthly energy bill by purchasing an energy efficient system that closely matches the square footage of your home.

Over the last decade many advancements have been made in both cooling and heating systems so that effective and efficient systems now available can certainly reduce your overall energy bill. Often we are able to help customers reduce the overall energy costs simply by installing a matching system with the latest energy compliance innovations to the true needs of cooling and heating your home.

How Much Could You Save?

Give us the opportunity to visit with you and professionally evaluate your current system compared to that of a new and efficient system.

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