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Selecting the right unit is vital. Why does Air Tech of Houston prefer American Standard?

We use American Standard products because…

  • American Standard was established in 1881. Since then, they have done more than just survive. They have become one of the most respected names in the industry.
  • In 2001, American Standard was rated as the most trouble-free for the Heating & Air Conditioning industry compared to more than a dozen leading manufacturers.
  • In 2002, Consumers (35,000) participated in a survey reslting in American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning being rated as one of only two brands to be considered to have above average reliability.
  • In 2005, readers of a national product testing magazine rated American standard’s brand of gas furnaces as the most reliable brand among 12 leading manufacturers.
  • In 2007, the AccuClean Whole-Home Air Filtration System readers was ranked as number one by national readers involved in a testing application.
  • In 2011, they received the distinction of being named as providing the most dealer satisfaction overall (for the fifth time in six years!).
  • In 2011, they were ranked highest in overall dealer satisfaction for the fifth time, after achieving the honor in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and 2010.
  • During May 2012, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s products were once again chosen as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers by national readers involved in a testing application.


Most homeowners consider the components that make up their heating and cooling system to be separate units. But these components are actually integrated, coordinated pieces that are designed to work together in what is called a “matched system.” Matched systems are quieter, more reliable, more efficient and last longer to make the most of your investment.

Total comfort is greater than the sum of the individual components

A matched system begins with the right components used with the right comfort combinations. You can choose from many components to create your ideal home environment, and your local independent American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning dealer will work with you to install products that are appropriate for your home and climate. Find your perfect matched system with our Plan Your System tool.

The power of working together

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning products – furnaces, air conditioners, indoor coils, thermostats and accessories are designed and engineered to work together seamlessly as a matched system to provide greater efficiency, reliability and comfort. With the help of Air Tech of Houston, you can choose a matched system that is just right for your home and comfort needs.


Air Tech of Houston will ensure your matched system is the right size for your home so you get the most value for your energy dollar.


A correctly matched system enables each component to work as designed, which allows your system to perform at its best for longer.


When all of your heating and cooling system components are properly matched, you can control exactly how much heating or cooling you need to create your ideal home environment.

Lower your heating cost this winter by insuring your heating system is operating efficiently and safely. Should your existing system need repairs or replacement we can help you make the right selections. We have various financing choices to help support your purchasing decisions while allowing you to stay within budget.

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