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"At every step along the way, I got the impression that our satisfaction was very important to them and they worked very hard to achieve it."
"The business owners and crew all came across as believable, trustworthy and competent. As a group, they were all very impressive."
"They took great care to put down plastic so that they would not bring dirt into the house. There was one spot where the carpet was slightly soiled - it was really very minor and I think that it would have easily come up with a vacuum. They said that they would send out a carpet cleaner at their expense, which they did. That person also did a very good job."
"Air tech sent a crew to my house at 8:00 am and they arrived on time. They installed, a 5 ton unit, and redirected my duct work in such a way that it allowed the 5 ton unit to service the upstairs on one thermostat and the downstairs on a second thermostat. I also received a new furnace and filter system which had to be installed in the confines of a 1/2 story attic space. I have an old home that was constructed in 1966 with a 1/2 story that stays warm in the summer because I only have a single unit. The cost to zone this home with two units would have been about $16,000 to $22,000. (I had several estimates.) I also received bids on an INFINITY system which uses a single thermostat, but allegedly provides the cooling of a zoned system. (The cost of the INFINITY was over $12,000 and I did not believe the representations by other sales persons about the system with a single thermostat to be true.) Thomas was the person who directed the crew. After talking with him for about 30 minutes in the morning, it was apparent that he knew his business. I went to work and the crew worked for the entire day. They worked until 7:00 pm to get everything installed. When I arrived home from work they were picking up drop cloths, vacuuming the floors and wiping smudges off the door jams. Thomas stayed for another 45 minutes to show me how the new thermostats controlled the system. Needless to say this company delivered. I was impressed that the company used its own team for installation, rather than contracting the work. I was impressed that the crew took great care of my home, which was a significant factor. I was most impressed that the statements by Steve and Thomas regarding the installation process made logical sense. I appreciated the difference between an explanation vs. a sales pitch. I highly recommend this company for AC installation. The sales person, Steve, answered my questions in a manner which made sense and he explained my options, which also made sense. He did a full inspection of my home before giving me a quote, which was actually less than other bids for the work I needed."
"Our air conditioning went out completely. As you might expect, the temperature was at least in the 90s during the day. We called a number of places to get estimates on the work to be done. We had three written estimates to replace our existing non-functioning system with entirely new heating and air conditioning equipment as well as new ductwork and blown insulation in the attic. It took us a couple of days to speak to the various contractors and make our decision. We communicated our decision to Air Tech around 10 p.m. Saturday evening. Air Tech's price was the lowest by far of the three estimates and around $2,500 to $3,000 less than another contractor's quote for the exact same equipment. It really was an apples to apples comparison. We selected Air Tech because of their low price and the very favorable Angie's List rating. Air Tech had been kind enough to give us a cell number to call and told us that we could call anytime Saturday evening. We spoke with them around 10 p.m. On Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. there were four Air Tech trucks parked in front of my home with a large crew to do the work. They had assembled this crew on very short notice! I had not expected that they would react so quickly, but they did. I was also told that this was a very busy period for them - a lot of their crew members had worked a lot of weekends, but they were all in good spirits and worked very hard to produce a good result. We are satisfied customers in every respect."
"I am an active businessman and so I asked the owner how he was able to underbid his competition as much as he did. He described both his business philosophy and specific steps his firm took to keep prices low. I won't describe them here because I don't want to give away his business secrets, but I will say that I believe that Air Tech is a very well-run business. I give them my highest possible recommendation."
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